Service and Quality






Service and Quality

Customer orientation, quality awareness, competent employees and optimal decision-making processes form the basis of our entrepreneurial success. Individual advice and the implementation of your needs in unbureaucratic processes are among our greatest strengths.

In today’s highly technical society, a continuous improvement process is crucial for optimising the company’s day-to-day operations. By consistently working on our product and delivery quality, we always strive to optimally meet your requirements.

Production processes

KOMINEX Minerals+Processing processes mineral residues from the abrasive and refractory industries into high-quality end products on a total of six production lines. A large number of plants ensure that the right product can be produced in the right quality and quantity and at the right conditions.

Our facilities include:

  • Different crusher types
  • Different grinding units
  • Several drying ovens
  • A wide range of magnetic separators and dust collectors
  • Complex screening technology for screening a wide range of grain sizes

Product quality / test laboratory

In the context of improving end products and reprocessing processes, the quality of the starting materials is also crucial. In a first step, we check your residual materials individually for their general suitability for reprocessing and discuss the optimal takeover of your materials together with you.

When all residual materials arrive at our production facility, they are checked again for compliance with the required parameters for smooth reprocessing. This is followed by intermediate storage and subsequent feeding into the reprocessing process, at the end of which the desired end product is available.

Before the end products can go out to our customers, they are carefully checked in our in-house laboratory for compliance with all physical parameters and are then ready for dispatch.

Our quality assurance thus consists of the following aspects, among others:

  • Close consultation and cooperation with our residual material suppliers
  • Physical analyses of the material in our in-house test laboratory
  • Continuous feedback on our product quality

Europe-wide Certification

To underline our commitment to our customers, KOMINEX Minerals+Processing is certified according to EMAS. Furthermore, we are a certified waste management company and have all the necessary permits for the professional acceptance and processing or disposal of your residual materials.